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Six Ways You (Or Your Lawyer) May Have Screwed Up Your Will or Trust

Here are the Six Ways Your Plan May Be Screwed Up. I've seen these things happen time and time again and I don’t want to see them happen to you.

SCREW UP #1 -  Going It Alone With a "Cheap" Kit orOnline Service.

Did you know many lawyers sarcastically joke to one another about how"good” those online legal programs (LegalZoom®, Pre-Paid Legal®, etc.) orKits (Suze and the others) are for THEIR businesses?

Why would that be?

Because these cheap options are NOT cheap in the long run. They may be cheapto you, but they are going to cost your loved ones a pretty penny afteryou’re gone.

You might think they seem like an inexpensive option to provide you with peaceof mind, but the peace of mind they offer is false peace of mind.

Using those programs can end up leaving thousands (or much more) of YOURassets in the coffers of Uncle Sam, but FAR MORE IMPORTANTLY your family isvery likely going to suffer with cleaning up a huge mess... even if youfollow all of their instructions to a tee.

I see this ALL THE TIME—frustrated clients bringing in self-created plansand one after another I point out the holes that will leave their familyfacing excess cost, time and grief when the time comes. And that’s assumingeverything was done right.

I’m amazed at the errors we find by people who think they did everything justright, but still got stuck in unfortunate traps for the unwary that youjust wouldn’t know about without specialized training.

Even worse...

Now, it's not my intention to scare you, but again - I've seen it more than I'd like.

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Thank you for all that you have done and for all of your time. Worth every penny!