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Lunch and Learn: Medi-Cal Mythbusters: Planning Traps for the Unwary

Lunch and Learn: Medi-Cal Mythbusters: Planning Traps for the Unwary

September 16, 2020

12 PM (PT)


The prospect of long-term care or going to a nursing home is frightening to most Americans. Couple that with a huge hole in our healthcare system that leaves many people paying for care directly out of their own pocket and the prospect becomes downright paralyzing. The truth is your typical health insurance plan and even Medicare doesn’t pay for long-term care.

While no one ever dreams of going into a nursing home and no child looks forward to putting mom or dad there either, sometimes there is no choice when the level of care needed becomes too great to perform at home. Burying your head in the sand will not prevent you from this sobering fact, and it’s better to plan ahead in case there is a need, than to suffer the consequences if there is a need and you have not planned.

Join elder attorney Heather Chubb as she debunks myths and misconceptions about Medi-Cal and learn the FACTS about:

  • Why the insurance you have now (including Medicare!) will NOT cover expenses related to long-term care
  • What it REALLY takes to qualify for Medi-Cal assistance
  • Exactly which assets are exempt from the process, and what assets you will be forced to “spend down” or sell to meet the financial threshold.
  • The TRUTH about giving away assets and common gifting mistakes that could put your family on the hook financially or push back your eligibility to qualify for Medi-Cal by months or even YEARS!
  • How marital property factors into the application process and how to prevent your spouse from going BROKE if you ever need nursing home care.

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