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5 Ridiculous Myths About Estate Planning

When it comes to estate planning, there are 5 ridiculous myths that could cause your plan to crumble and fall apart when your family needs it the most.

Whether you already have an estate plan or you have ZERO documents in place, this report will help you identify common myths and mistakes so that you can FIX any problems, make the right decisions and properly safeguard the people and things you love.


Download this free special report from attorney Heather Chubb and discover:

  • The most common reason why estate plans FAIL when families need them the most (…this can happen no matter how much you paid or how great your attorney was!)
  • Why estate planning is not just for the rich or elderly, and the bare minimum documentation every adult over 18 needs in place
  • Why your kids may still end up in the care of social services, even with guardians named, if something happens to you
  • One common oversight that may force your estate into probate, even though you have a rock-solid trust in place
  • Why your family may not be able to honor your most private health care wishes if something happens to you
  • …and more!

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