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About Us

Helping Modern Families Create Modern Estate Plans

Our Focus

The Chubb Law Firm Staff

Planning and administration is all we do. We help modern families like yours plan for the future, preserve their wealth from the high cost of long-term care, provide for the future of their loved ones, and make the best legal decisions for themselves and the people they love.

We have a unique focus on planning for families with special needs loved ones and families concerned about protecting their life’s savings from the devastating costs of long-term care and qualifying for Medi-Cal. planning and estate administration to preserve personal and financial needs and goals while helping make the best legal decisions for themselves and loved ones.

What Makes Our Planning Different

A modern estate plan should include more than just passing financial wealth to the next generation.

  • It's about people and relationships, not just the papers
  • It recognizes the issues of aging and disability, and not just death and taxes
  • It addresses the unique needs of modern families including longer lives, divorce and remarriage, blended families and special needs

Our process is designed to make your experience much different than it would be with a traditional estate planning lawyer. We’re not intimidating or stuffy and we don’t bill by the hour. We also know that the notion of putting together an estate plan can seem overwhelming at times.

Whether we’re developing a foundational estate plan, special needs plan, or elder law/Medi-Cal plan, our focus is always you, your personal and financial needs, and your goals.

Why Plan?

The simple answer is, to protect yourself and the people who are important to you, and make things easy for your family.

Your estate plan should provide detailed, clear, customized instructions for protecting your loved ones and handling your affairs.

Your plan communicates personal decisions.

It’s about you, your family, their needs and your goals. A good plan will do much more than just transfer financial wealth at death; it will pass along whole family wealth—your financial, spiritual, human and intellectual value. It will speak for you when you cannot be there or are unable to participate.

Your plan is more than just a set of documents.

Your plan is a set of life choices put down on paper. That’s why it’s important to work with a counseling-oriented attorney who takes the time to get to know you and your family. One who will design a plan upholding your goals so that you can be confident you’ve protected the people and things important to you. Work with an attorney you like and trust. One who will be there to help keep your plan up-to-date and, more importantly, who will be there to help when your family needs it most.

Your plan provides important protection.

Your plan will identify your hand-selected helpers to ensure that you receive the healthcare you need based on your preferences, and that someone is able to manage your finances without the interference and delays of the courts. Your plan will also help your loved ones avoid the high cost and delay of probate.

Your plan should give you peace of mind.

Your plan will ensure that your wishes are carried out just as you’ve specified. It’s a gift tailored to protect your loved ones and to make a time of transition smoother and more comfortable.

Heather Chubb

Heather R. Chubb is a Life Transitions Lawyer based in the Sacramento, California, area. Because she truly listens to her clients, Heather is able to transform clients’ visions into plans meeting all desires and exceeding expectations.

Heather is a member of:

  • The State Bar of California Trusts and Estates section
  • WealthCounsel, LLC, a national organization of professionals who design sophisticated planning techniques for individuals and families
  • ElderCounsel, a national organization of professionals focused on elder law
  • NAELA (National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys), a national organization dedicated to improving the quality of legal services to people as they age and people with disabilities and special needs.

Heather is also a sought-after presenter with NBI, an organization providing continuing legal education to lawyers.

Heather lives in Orangevale with her husband and two sons. Before receiving her law degree from University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law, cum laude, Heather received a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and worked as an environmental consultant. Her hobbies include gourmet cooking, gardening, wine and photography. She and her family also enjoy fly-fishing and camping.

Heather has given many professional presentations over the years to her peers. See below for some of her most recent teaching events:

  • January 2018 - National Business Institute (attorneys)
    Probate:  Everything You Need to Know
  • June 2018 - National Business Institute (attorneys)
    Estate Planning and Administration: The Complete Guide
  • January 2017 - National Business Institute (attorneys)
    Estate Administration From Start to Finish
  • June 2012 - National Business Institute (attorneys)
    Trusts 101
  • December 2013 - National Business Institute (attorneys)
    Probate Process From Start to Finish
  • September 2015 - Life Advantages (nationwide audience)
    Planning for Long Term Care: 7 Steps to Protect Your Independence
  • July 2019 - Professional Fiduciary Association of CA – Sacramento Chapter
    Discharge Fouls and Facilities Behaving Badly – How to Protect Your Clients From Improper Care Facility Discharges

Meet Our Amazing Office Staff

Erica Fox

Erica Fox

Erica Fox is our Estate Planning Specialist and has been with us since 2014.  She is responsible for turning the personalized plan created in the client’s design meeting into reality.  She is also our “funding guru” and works closely with clients to ensure that all assets are transferred to the client’s trust or otherwise owned in the best way possible to carry out the client’s intent.  Erica keeps the process on track and is the key person to contact with information and questions during the estate plan process.

Outside of the office, Erica enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends, taking her two teenage sons to the dirt bike track, traveling and finding adventures near or far, or simply enjoying a glass of wine while binge-watching TV or Giants games during baseball season.

Favorite Quote
Never be ashamed of a scar, it simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.
Favorite Movie
Dirty Dancing
Kami Moulla

Kami Moulla

Kami Moulla is the newest addition to the team.  As office manager, she handles most of the administrative duties including initial intake and appointment scheduling, client file set up, client communication and file management.  She is also a Notary Public, which is a huge help during signing meetings.

Outside of the office Kami loves baking, gardening, Crossfit, watching Basketball with her family and being the loudest mom while cheering her two kids during their basketball games.  Kami has an international background and speaks four languages!

Favorite Quote
"Dead yesterdays and unborn tomorrows, why fret about it, if today be sweet." Omar Khayyam and "If I accept the sunshine and warmth, then I must also accept the thunder and lightning." Jabran Khalil Jabran
Favorite Movie
Law Abiding Citizen and UP
Lisa Schweizer

Lisa Schweizer

Lisa Schweizer is our Administration Paralegal and has been with the firm since 2018.  She works in the area of trust administration, probate and conservatorship supporting clients through transition and coordinating all court-related paperwork.

In her free time, Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband, two teenage boys, extended family and friends.  Her favorite pastimes include attending her sons' baseball games, camping, cooking and sneaking in a long walk whenever she can.

Favorite Quote
Stay humble, Work hard, Be kind
Favorite Movie
Forrest Gump

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Everything was so thoroughly explained and well documented that we never left her office with unanswered questions or felt as though we were forced into decisions on topics which we didn't fully understand. Her entire approach is a refreshing and welcome change from estate planning as usual.

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