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Young Family

Are You a Young Adult or Parent of Minor Children?

Start your adult life off with your best foot forward.

From creating documents to help young adults ensure a healthcare crisis doesn’t become a HIPAA nightmare, to guiding you through major life transitions including marriage, prenuptial agreements, properly titling a home and holding assets the right way, we are here to help you make the best choices for the future.

For parents of minor kids, our SafeGuard™ for Kids plan can help you create a solid guardianship plan ensuring your children will always be raised by the people you want, in a way you want, no matter what happens.

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Estate Plan “Starter Kits”

Did your child just turn 18 or are they preparing to go to college?

When a child turns 18, they become an adult in the eyes of the law. Parents can no longer legally speak for or make decisions about healthcare – ranging from making doctor appointments, making decisions during a health crisis or financial management for their now adult child. Recognizing our new adult children still need their parents’ help, we created an estate plan Starter Kit to ensure parents can continue to legally assist their children with healthcare issues and financial management.

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Modern Estate Planning

Modern life is complicated and “traditional” estate plans don’t cover important modern issues such as blended families, long-term care costs or special needs loved ones. The modern plan is all about protecting you and your loved ones from unnecessary expense, time delay of government interference and keeping control of your assets and rights. It creates a system to keep you independent and protect what you have worked so hard for from the clutches of predators and the government. It also provides a system to protect your children if anything happens to you.

Modern Estate Plan Information

Children’s Protection Planning

We are experts in planning for young families, and recognize the importance of planning for the care of minor children. Young families are often overlooked when it comes to traditional estate planning. Traditional plans only name permanent guardians for minor children, which does not protect them from a stay with Child Protective Services if something happens to you and the authorities must be called. These plans also do not protect your children from having someone your do not want being named as guardian.

SafeGuard™ for Kids Plan

Special Needs Planning

Proper planning for a loved one (be it a child or adult) with a disability or degenerative disease is critical for when you can no longer be here. A thoughtfully drafted estate plan holds the key to avoiding a stark future for your loved one. In addition to providing a plan for your family’s protection and inheritance, a modern estate plan for parents with a disabled child needs to contain provisions which address special circumstances.

Special Needs Planning Information

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My wife and I have some quite large complexities both in our individual preferences and the construct of our life. When planning for our trust, Heather took the time to hear EVERYTHING we said. The trust which Heather formed for our family took all our concerns into account. When everything was said and done, we received a trust which, by design, is extremely personal to our circumstance. We also are delighted to have Heather to be part of our team of advocates to help when the time comes.

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