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Protect Your Independence Kit

Accidents, injury and illness happen without warning and dementia can sneak up on you—yet most seniors do not have the right legal plans in place to protect their assets, wishes and personal control if short or long-term incapacity occurs.

MYTH: Your will or trust will help you during incapacity

MYTH: Doctors and financial institutions will automatically allow family members to make important decisions on your behalf

MYTH: All of your long-term care expenses will be covered by Medicare or your private insurance

Don’t Leave the Security and Happiness of Your Golden Years to Chance

Instead, request your FREE “Protect Your Independence” Action Kit ($197 value) created by elder care attorney Heather Chubb where you will receive the following resources:

“Protecting Your Golden Years” What you and your loved ones must know to protect your finances, secure benefits and ensure your quality of life

Use this straightforward and comprehensive guide to discover:

  • The bare minimum documentation you need to ensure your family can make decisions and immediately access medical records and bank accounts to maintain your bills and monthly obligations if short or long-term incapacity occurs.
  • A no-nonsense breakdown of the differences between Medicare, Medi-Cal and Long-Term Care Insurance…and exactly what is covered under each option if you require hospitalization or long-term care.
  • What long-term care will really cost and how to make sure your children are never left scrambling to sell of your assets or foot the bill for your care.
  • How to qualify for Medi-Cal and VA benefits without sacrificing everything you own in the process.
  • Easy ways to empower your entire family and chosen caregivers to understand and make all the decisions you want in an emergency.

Downloadable MP3 – “Estate Planning Strategies Revealed”

How to Avoid Scams, Shield Your Assets and Protect the People You Love” (the information on this audio will literally save you THOUSANDS of dollars in legal fees).

“Grab and Go Kit”

A handy organizer designed to help your family members or trusted caregivers get in contact with your key doctors or advisors in a medical emergency.  This resource also provides family members with your known allergies, current medications and health insurance information so they can help you quickly in a time of need.

“The Senior Resource Guide”

A comprehensive guide to the organizations and companies that will help you find information on benefit eligibility, hired help, living options, support and caregiver resources.

“The HealthCare Quiz”

Take this quiz then have your family members take it and see how your answers match up.  A great tool for making sure others know what you want and can give you a voice.

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Everything was so thoroughly explained and well documented that we never left her office with unanswered questions or felt as though we were forced into decisions on topics which we didn't fully understand. Her entire approach is a refreshing and welcome change from estate planning as usual.