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Estate Planning Attorney in Sacramento Says Take Inventory of Your Assets to Ensure Accurate Estate Planning

February 17, 2011

You’ve heard about the importance of Sacramento estate planning from everyone including your mother-in-law, your neighbor, and the Sacramento estate planning lawyer you see every morning at your favorite coffee shop.

But the idea is still as hard to swallow as the first sips of that overly hot coffee. Where do I begin? Do I really want to think about my death when I’m so young? There are many questions that surround planning your estate, but these tough questions don’t take away from the importance of doing it.

The first and easiest thing to do when starting to plan your estate is to take inventory of all of your assets.

Step back and look at everything that you “own” in your life. I put this in quotation marks because there are a number of assets that people simply forget about when taking inventory of their estate.

When taking inventory, write down what you have and its value. Don’t forget to include:

  • House
  • Car(s)
  • 401k or retirement accounts, including the ones from previous jobs that you have yet to rollover
  • Life or other insurance policies, including those provided by your employer
  • Real estate
  • Objects of value in your possession (family heirlooms, jewelry, etc.)
  • Bank accounts
  • Trust funds

After you have compiled this list, what do you do with it? The next logical step is to create a Last Will and Testament, which will determine where those assets should go after you die. Not sure how to do this? Contact an experienced Sacramento estate planning attorney at The Chubb Law Firm by calling (916) 241-9661 to schedule a free Peace of Mind Session (normally $750).

We can help you turn that list into a complete estate plan so that you can protect your assets and ensure that your wishes are properly carried out after you are gone.

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My wife and I have some quite large complexities both in our individual preferences and the construct of our life. When planning for our trust, Heather took the time to hear EVERYTHING we said. The trust which Heather formed for our family took all our concerns into account. When everything was said and done, we received a trust which, by design, is extremely personal to our circumstance. We also are delighted to have Heather to be part of our team of advocates to help when the time comes.

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