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The Autism Community and the COVID-19 Pandemic

April is National Autism Awareness Month which encourages and promotes acceptance and support for the Autism community throughout the nation. 

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7 Rules for Successfully Advocating for Your "New" Adult Special Needs Child

If you are a parent whose child has special needs, your job as a parent gets more complicated the day they turn 18. On that day they magically become an adult in the eyes of the law.

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What Is CalABLE And How Can It Help?

CalABLE is a tax-advantaged account where any earnings on funds in the account are tax-free. Distributions are also tax-free, as long as they are used towards disability expenses.

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National Special Needs Law Month and Long-Term Disability Planning

Celebrated every October, National Special Needs Law Month is that time of year when families, caregivers, attorneys and estate planners across the country are encouraged to explore the long-term needs of those who require specialized, ongoing care.

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How Not Properly Planning Can Cost Your Special Needs Child Their Benefits Later

Proper planning for a loved one, be it a child or adult, with a disability or degenerative disease is critical to provide for the time when you can no longer be here.

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Folsom Special Needs Lawyer: Use Your IRA to Benefit a Special Needs Charity or Non-Profit You Care About

If you are over 70 ½ years old, you can donate some or all over your IRA to an eligible special needs charity or non-profit of your choice. Using a Qualified Charitable Distribution, you can donate directly from your IRA to the charity.

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Folsom Special Needs Attorney: What to Do If You Suspect Abuse by a Conservator

Sometimes teens and adults with disabilities may require the help of others to make daily decisions on their own behalves. When this happens, a conservator is named by the courts who can oversee the individual’s finances and personal care.

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Reasons to Consider a Professional Administrator for Your Child’s Special Needs Trust

Selecting the right person to serve as a trustee for a Special Needs Trust is important, as he/she will need to make distributions, file tax returns and carry out numerous other duties that go along with administering a trust.

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