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Gold River Elder Lawyer Explains How Estate Planning Is a Gift For You…and Your Parents

September 15, 2010

As a Gold River Elder Lawyer, I spend a lot of time talking about the need to implement a comprehensive estate plan so your family, assets and wishes stay protected should the unthinkable happen. And while many people “in theory” see the importance of such planning, the truth is that you probably will not be around to see the benefits of your work.

Fortunately, for most people, it is enough to know that your family will be okay and will not have to deal with the emotional and financial turmoil that can result if there is not plan in place.

But there is a way to be a direct recipient of the peace of mind experienced when an estate plan is in place and has the critical components needed to ensure that that a legacy passes seamlessly…. and that’s to make sure your parent’s plan is in place… and up-to-date!

Your parents’ estate plan, if done properly, will make your life easier. If there is not a plan in place, or if the plan is out-of-date, you or your siblings will probably have to settle the estate and potentially have to go to court to resolve issues that inevitably arise.

If you haven’t yet, you should have a long talk with your parents about their estate plan, if they have one. This can be a little touchy for some families. It is a talk that can be uncomfortable for some. But estate plans are about much more than money. Make sure that you approach the conversation with the intention of preserving their values, legacy, and most importantly, the ability to stay in control when faced with a disability or incapacity!

In addition, it is quite possible that they can go a long way in making sure to avoid negative issues that could arise among siblings if decisions aren’t made in advance. Most parents understand this and deeply want to preserve family harmony.

When your parents are ready to either do their planning or if they need their current plan updated, let them know that they can call me for a free Peace of Mind Consultation. I specialize in looking at the whole financial, legal and long-term care situation to ensure they put in place a plan that protects them through all of life’s transitions and preserves their legacy upon death.

Simply call me, your neighborhood Gold River Elder Lawyer, at 916-241-9661 to reserve your spot. However, these sessions are limited to 10 per month so call today!

Call The Chubb Law Firm today at (916) 241-9661 to review your goals and discuss your options.

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I was absolutely without a clue as to how to begin or what I should do to establish an estate plan. I did know that I wanted someone I could trust, that was honest and I would have confidence in. I was referred to Heather by my friend who was being legally advised by Heather on another estate. She was very satisfied with her work and thought I might be happy with her service. At our consultation appointment, her presentation was very thorough. I had lots of questions, and she was easy to talk to and was able to guide me to just the kind of estate plan I needed. That was 10 years ago. Due to circumstances in my life, I have had to make changes to my plan, and I always go back to her for her legal services and guidance. I have recommended Heather before.

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