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Should You Go It Alone or Hire A Sacramento Business Lawyer?

April 10, 2014

Businesses in the Sacramento area will almost always benefit from the services of a business lawyer. While a business owner can certainly fill a whole lot of roles, that of attorney is often one of the trickiest. It’s not just a matter of specialized knowledge, either, but the fact that contracts, agreements, and other documents have to be done just right in order to meet the standards of the law.

Are you unsure if your business needs a transactional lawyer? Here’s a partial checklist of the types of services these qualified professionals can provide:

  • Advice for startups
  • Forming or restructuring corporations
  • Forming partnerships and LLCs
  • Developing contracts
  • Creating non-disclosure, non compete, and confidentiality agreements
  • Creating purchase and sales agreements
  • Assistance with mergers and acquisitions
  • Dispute resolution
  • Commercial litigation
  • Real estate purchase and lease assistance
  • Developing a terms-of-service agreement

Nearly every step of the business process requires some sort of legal aspect.  Whether you need to carry liability, want to enter into relationships with vendors, or are planning to set up a process for shipping a product directly to customer from a web site, there are specific ways to go about making sure that your business is run properly.

Hiring a Sacramento business lawyer means that you are able to get help with those things you’ve already identified, but perhaps even more importantly, your attorney can advise you on steps you never even realized you should take.

Working with a transactional lawyer in Sacramento is typically a proactive approach to business. The goal is usually to operate in the most successful way possible; but if you do run into issues where there is a dispute, your business lawyer can also aid you with resolving the problem or taking it to court, depending on the best course of action.

Really, though, the time to find a good Sacramento business lawyer is long before the issue of a lawsuit is ever even raised. By creating good contracts and terms-of-service agreements, for example, you can significantly minimize your risk by having the customer agree to your provisions in advance. An experienced transactional lawyer in California will be able to work through the various areas that affect your business to get (or keep) you up and running.

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