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The ABCs as Defined by a Sacramento Wills and Trusts Lawyer

January 31, 2016

Wills and trusts lawyers in Sacramento have a pretty vast base of knowledge when it comes to what they do. In order to share a bit of that, here are the ABCs of wills and trusts in California.

A – Always work with an experienced lawyer.

B – Beneficiaries are those who receive the assets of the trust, at the discretion of one or more trustees.

C – Consider trustworthiness, financial savvy, and interpersonal dynamics when choosing a trustee. A good wills and trusts lawyer can help develop a strategy for this.

D – DO NOT use a one-size-fits-all wills and trusts product such as those found online or in office supply stores.

E – Everyone should have an estate plan!

F – Federal rules and taxes will apply.

G – Guardians should be named for all minor children or any individuals with severe disabilities.

H – Heirs are typically those who inherit something under state law because there was no will or trust in place.

I – Investments are an important means when you want a trust to grow.

J – Judges are responsible for determining who gets what if you don’t have a will or trust in Sacramento.

K – Keep reviewing your estate plan each year with your wills and trusts lawyer in case there is a need for changes.

L – Legacies can be created in many different ways, and many of those don’t involve money.

M – Married couples have some special considerations to discuss with their Sacramento wills and trusts lawyer, such as what happens to assets should the surviving spouse remarry.

N – Now is always the best time to start your estate planning.

O – Only about half of Americans have a will.

P – Parents have many options when it comes to providing for their children through trusts.

Q – Quit ignoring reality and find a wills and trust lawyer who can help you prepare for the future.

R – Revocable trusts serve a variety of purposes and can be revoked at any point during your lifetime.

S – Select a backup or “successor” trustee in case the person you originally chose cannot fulfill the role.

T – Trustees have legal authority over the trust and are legally required to manage it responsibly.

U – Universal and term life insurance are just a couple of ways a wills and trusts lawyer can help you fund a trust.

V – Valuable items—whether for monetary or emotional reasons—are some of the most commonly mentioned assets named in wills and trusts.

W – Working with a Sacramento lawyer ensures your wills and trusts are upheld under state law. (Bonus: If you reside in more than one state, it’s best to work with a wills and trusts lawyer in both.)

X – Xenial lawyers will not just provide advice, but will make you feel comfortable while ensuring that you are well-informed about the decisions you’re making.

Y – You should realize by now you need a Sacramento wills and trusts lawyer.

Z – Zero in on your goals for the future and make them happen!

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My wife and I have some quite large complexities both in our individual preferences and the construct of our life. When planning for our trust, Heather took the time to hear EVERYTHING we said. The trust which Heather formed for our family took all our concerns into account. When everything was said and done, we received a trust which, by design, is extremely personal to our circumstance. We also are delighted to have Heather to be part of our team of advocates to help when the time comes.

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